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Cloud Hosting  Cloud Hosting

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Cloud computing is a way of computing, via the Internet, that broadly shares computer resources instead of using software or storage on a local computer. It typically involves the provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the Internet. It differs from dedicated of virtual servers for having five essential characteristics: on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. The self service portal enables users to change resources to the demand at hand.


When a ticketing website prepares the handle the ticket sales for a major concert it can add additional webservers of increase resources like CPU's, memory or storage just before the ticket sales start, to be able to handle with the increasing sales traffic. When the demand decreases after the concert the resources can be decreased as well, just by using the self-service portal. The term cloud is based on the cloud drawing, often used to represent the internet in technical infrastructure drawings.

Interested in this agile, reliable and scalable pay-by-resource hosting?
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<a href="shared_webhosting">Shared Webhosting  Shared Webhosting

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Your website online quickly and easily? Choose ez Shared Webhosting. We offer several packages so very type of user can choose a package that meets your needs. A user-friendly interface lets you configure your hosting online. Support engineers are at hand to help you setup and configure your hosting.


Our benefits:

  • Fast and stable network in Antwerp and Brussels
  • Reliability
  • High performant
  • Immidiate activation
  • Fully maintained by ez Networking Engineers
  • Our experience
 Shared webhosting pakketten
Windows Basic Basic + Bronze Silver Gold
Webspace 100 MB 250 MB 500 MB 1000 MB 2500 MB
Mailboxes 10 x 25 MB 25 x 25 MB 50 x 50 MB 100 x 50 MB 250 x 50 MB
Free virus/spam filter
PHP / CGI / PERL yes yes yes yes yes
MySQL database 1 2 3 4 5
Control panel 24/24 yes yes yes yes yes
Price / year excl. TAV € 72 € 144 € 259 € 461 € 662

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Dedicated Hosting  Dedicated Hosting

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In need for a reliable and fast hosting solution for you or your customers? Thought about colocating your own server it but feared it was expensive or drain to many maintenance resources of your IT staff? Renting a dedicated server is the right solution. we install, configure and if required maintain the server for you.



  • no longer dependend on the systemconfiguration of your provider
  • Direct services to your customers(development & hosting)
  • Decide what services and application you provide your cutomers
  • Security: your application only reside on your own dedicated server
  • Faster Return On Investment
  • Ideal as a 2nd server to your own server as a secondary DNS, MX, ...

Interested in this agile, reliable and scalable pay-by-resource hosting?
Contact us by phone +32 3 775 75 38 or request more info.
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Colocation  Colocation

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We reserved rack space to co-locate your servers in our datacenters. We provide uplinks to the internet, IP addresses, power and cooling. And if necessary remote reboot functionality. Co-location doesn't only mean high bandwith and server choice but also the freedom in applications being hosted. You decide what to install on your server. Need access to your servers? A ez Networking engineer will meet you at the datacenter and give you access to your server. Even once a year for free.

Interested in co-location?
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ez Networking has 2 independant datacenters in Brussels (Nossegem) en Antwerp. Both datacenters a Class-A datacenters, equiped with garanteed power supply, security, water and firedetection and airconditioning.

We find it extremely important to provide fast and reliable internet connections. Both locations are connected to independant internet connections, each with multiple uplinks. This way we can provide customers failover and uptime to 99.9%.

Brussels (Nossegem)

At the Nossegem datacenter we're connected to the KPN network. The IP Backbone of KPN is directly and redundantly connected to Tier-1 parties providing a guaranteed high quality connection.


In Antwerpen, our network provides redundant links to the internet. Direct peering with BNIX(be), FreeBix(be), AmsIX(nl), Lipex(uk), Limbex(nl), Free-IX(fr), Parix(fr) en DE-CIX(de). All connected to large international transit conenctions. This way both locations are independantly connected to high speed national and international networks. All benefititing guaranteed high uptime and superfast connections to your servers.

Domain names  Domain names

Registreer uw domeinnaam voor maar €17 per jaar.

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Registreer uw domeinnaam voor iemand anders het doet. Uw domeinnaam registreren geeft u het exclusief recht en gebruik van deze naam op het wereldwijde internet. Eenmaal een domeinnaam geregistreerd kan deze niet door anderen worden gebruikt. Minstens even belangrijk naast een gunstig tarief en kortingen vanaf bepaalde aantallen registraties is de automatische processing en hernieuwing van uw domeinnaam.
U bent niet tevreden over uw huidige agent ? U bent op zoek naar een betere service? Transfereer uw domeinnaam.