"Although not having experienced any problems with theft as a company, we feel secure with the service of ez Remote Backup knowing that our files are safe. With daily reporting we can leave it all up to ez Remote Backup and go home at night to know that it is all done for us. As easy as that."

E. Pietersen, CFO Pharma 777 Inc., Marketing bureau


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 ez Remote Backup ez Remote Backup

Less Administration

ez Remote Backup setup is ‘Fire-and-forget’, meaning once its configured, the process is fully automatic, including being informed of the progess via email.

Ease of Mind

Backups are made automaticly, without any intervention. You could run the backup dayly or on any schedule you like.


No Costs

ez Remote Backup is fully outsourced. You will not need to invest in to hardware or software to use ez Remote Backup.

Automatic Reporting

Our software will display notifications on the screen of the computer were the software is installed and sends notifications via email. ez Remote Backup informs u after each backup job, so you are always up-to-date.

100% Safe and Exclusive

The backups are sent and stored completely exclusive. The Data is encrypted and zipped on the source computer before it is being transferred to our datacenter over an SSL encrypted tunnel.

Database supported

ez Remote Backup supports critical database data like MS Exchange and SQL Server.

Worldwide Access

Stored in the ez Remote Backup webfolder, each file can be accessed all over the world from any computer using a webbrowser and internet access.

More Versions

As ez Remote Backup stores multiple version of each file being backed up, you will be able to open versions from days or even weeks ago.

Easy Restore

You can browse through your backup files on the backup server using the same structure as on the source computer. This enables you not only restore one or more files, but also the entire folder structure.